The Liebster Award

Hello Gorgeous, This week notquitelondon & relentlesslyred nominated me for Liebster award and I am beyond excited about it :). Please go ahead and check both of their blogs and show some love because they are doing a fabulous job. Just a brief introduction, Liebster award is an award that gives an opportunity to new bloggers with less than 200 followers [...]

Day Time Date Makeup

  Valentine's Day 2015 is already here. Are you excited? Must have planned your day well in advance. Right? Well, for me I have an Indian wedding to attend in the evening, so our date night has been cancelled 😦 . Still I have got *Sunshine* as my Husband has planned a breakfast/brunch date 🙂 This [...]


Hello & Welcome to my new blog. As the name of the blog suggests, this space is dedicated to all those who would want to stay chic no matter what the occasion is. Let's stay connected 🙂